John Kallas, PHD

The definitive work on harvesting and eating wild greens

Edible wild plants have one or more parts that can be used for food if gathered at the appropriate stage of growth and properly prepared. Edible Wild Plants includes extensive information and recipes on plants from the four categories:

• Foundation greens: wild spinach, chickweed, mallow, purslane
• Tart greens: curly dock, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel
• Pungent greens: wild mustard, wintercress, garlic mustard, shepherd’s purse
• Bitter greens: dandelion, cat’s ear, sow thistle, nipplewort.

About the author:

Dr. John Kallas has investigated and taught about edible wild plants since 1970. He founded Wild Food Adventures ( in 1993 and is the publisher and editor of Wild Food Adventurer. He lives in Portland, Oregon.