• Common Elderberry

    Elderberry: (Sambucus canadensis) Medium size shrub (6-12 ft) common in moist areas near roadsides, ditches, along streams, and field borders. White umbrella-like flowers with fruit maturing in mid– to late summer. Berries are eaten by many songbirds and pheasants. Likes full sun, but is moderately shade tolerant.
  • Common Lilac

    Common Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) Medium to large sized shrub (4-6 ft) grows on a wide variety of soils. Provides wildlife with dense cover. It is also good for landscaping. Shade intolerant.
  • Highbush Cranberry

    Highbush cranberry: (Viburnum trilobum) Medium size shrub (6-10 ft.) which prefers moist soils, but can be used in upland plantings, often found growing near ditches and wetland edges. Berries stay on until eaten by birds and, although not a true cranberry, the fruit is edible in jams and jellies. Moderately shade tolerant. Good food source for turkeys and other animals in late winter.
  • Red-Osier Dogwood

    (Cornus stoloninfera) Small to medium size shrub (3-6 ft. ht.) grows along the borders of streams, wetlands, and ditches. The bright red twigs make this plant useful in landscaping. Deer browse the twigs in winter and various birds feed on the white berries. Also useful for stream bank stabilization. Moderately shade intolerant.
  • Sargent Crabapple

    Roselow sargent crab: (Malus sargentii) Medium size shrub (6-8 ft.) that grows best on well-drained sandy loam soils. Dark red fruit that persists until eaten. A favorite of many wildlife species. Great addition to habitat projects. Shade intolerant.
  • Silky Dogwood

    Silky dogwood: (Cornus amomum) Small to medium size (3-6 ft.) grows along streams, wetlands, and ditches but may grow in slightly drier soils. Dull maroon color twigs for landscape uses. Deer browse on the twigs, while birds feed on berries. Shade tolerant.