• Butternut Trees

    Butternut: (Juglans nigra) also called White Walnut. A medium size tree with a moderate growth rate 40 to 75 ft. which grows in both wet and dry conditions. Uses include landscaping , nut, timber and dye. Can also be tapped for syrup. becoming a rare tree with yellow fall color. Shade intolerant. Preferred for its nuts.
  • Red Pine Transplants

    This coniferous evergreen grows to be 66 - 115 ft. tall. At the base the bark is a gray-brown, but turns into an orange-red color towards the top. Red Pine is intolerant of shade and does best in well-drained soil types. This is a long-lived tree, reaching a maximum age of 500 years old. This tree is often used for landscaping and commercial use.
  • Grey Dogwood

    Grey Dogwood (Cornus racemosa) is an adaptable, native shrub good for windbreak and mass planting. This deciduous shrub can grow to be 16 ft. tall and prefers moist sites, though can adapt to drier soils. Blossoms are greenish-white and the fruit itself is also white. Dogwood is used by a variety of wildlife including birds and butterflies.