• (Rubus idaeus 'Jewell") The Jewell variety is a vigorous plant with great cold tolerance. They produce large sweet berries that are ideal for pies, jams, and freezing. Canes grow 3-4 ft. Resistant to most raspberry diseases. Sold as 5 for $15.00.
  • Concolor Fir

    (Abies concolor) Small to medium sized tree (40-60 ft.) Shade tolerant, grows well on upland sites. This is a early budding true fir that has soft powder blue needles (2”+), grows well in sunny, well drained areas. Used for Christmas trees and wildlife.
  • Common Lilac

    Common Lilac (Syringa vulgaris) Medium to large sized shrub (4-6 ft) grows on a wide variety of soils. Provides wildlife with dense cover. It is also good for landscaping. Shade intolerant.
  • Large 5-6 feet BUR OAK:  (Quercus macrocarpa)  (80-100 ft.)  prefers dry uplands and sandy plains.  Full sun, used for timber, landscaping, wildlife food/cover.  Acorns preferred by deer and turkey.
  • American Hazelnut

    American Hazelnut: (Corylus americana) Grows up to 9 ft. numerous stem with a low rounded crown. Good for borders of fence rows, edges of woodlots, and old fields. Good for open dry or moist sites. Shade intolerant. Nuts are great for wildlife and edible by humans.
  • Hybrid Poplar

    (Populus deltoides) Large, very fast growing tree(40-90– ft.) Prefers drained soils and will tolerate dry conditions. Does not do well on wet soils, clay soil or soils with hard pans. Used for windbreaks, stream bank stabilizations, erosion control and quick shade. Not long lived (about 20 years); therefore, a second planting is needed to replace poplars when they die. Do not plant near septic systems, sewer pipes, or drain tiles (50 ft. minimum). Very shade tolerant.
  • Red-Osier Dogwood

    (Cornus stoloninfera) Small to medium size shrub (3-6 ft. ht.) grows along the borders of streams, wetlands, and ditches. The bright red twigs make this plant useful in landscaping. Deer browse the twigs in winter and various birds feed on the white berries. Also useful for stream bank stabilization. Moderately shade intolerant.
  • Red Oak

    Red oak: (Quercus rubra) Large tree (75-150 ft.) that will grow on most soils. Tolerates both dry and wet conditions, but is easier to establish on dry, poor soils than moist, rich soils. Uses include wildlife, reforestation, and landscaping. Fall color is brownish orange. Moderately shade tolerant.
  • Persimmon

    Persimmon trees prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. Soils should be well-drained and slightly acidic for best growth. Persimmon fruit is orange in color and has a sweet, honey-like taste. It takes about 7 years for a persimmon tree to reproduce and male and female plants are required.
  • Douglas Fir Seedlings

    Douglas Fir:  (Pseudotsuga menziesii)  Medium sized tree (up to 50ft) fast growing tree that prefers well drained soil and full sun.  Good for landscaping, wildlife, and Christmas trees.