• Red Cedar Seedlings

    Red Cedar: (Juniperus virginiana) Deer resistant. Small Tree (40 -50ft) has waxy blue berries and is used by wildlife for food and cover. Tolerates drought and poor soil and prefers full sun. Aromatic wood is used for cedar chests and closets.
  • Sugar Maples

    Sugar maple: (Acer saccharum) Large tree (70-130 ft.) that grow best on rich loams with good drainage. Valuable timber tree. Uses also include landscaping, maple syrup, and reforestation. Fall colors of orange, red and yellow. Shade tolerant.
  • Norwary Spruce Seedlings

    Norway Spruce (Picea abies) large, fast growint tree (80-130ft.) that grow well in a vaireity of soilds including loams and clays.  Used for windbreaks, reforestation, and landscaping.  Develops large sweeping branshes with sharp, dark green nedles.  Moderately shade tolerant, well suited to our climate.
  • White Pine Seedlings

    (Pinus strobus ) Fast growing tree (80-150 ft.) which grows well in a wide variety of soils. Used for timber and wildlife. Needles are soft, blue green, with 5 per bundle about 4 in length. Moderately shade tolerant, best form obtained under light shade.
  • Red Maple

    (Acer rubrum) Fast growing, medium to large tree (65-120 ft.) that tolerates wet and dry soils. Used for wildlife planting and landscaping. Fall colors can be red, yellow, or orange. Moderately shade tolerant.
  • Red Bud

    RED BUD: (Cercis canadensis) Small tree (15-25 ft) simple heart shaped leaf. Prefers moist soils, forest edges and is shade tolerant. Produces lavender flowers in the spring, followed by seed pods in the fall. Good for wildlife and landscaping.