• Norwary Spruce Seedlings

    Norway Spruce (Picea abies) large, fast growint tree (80-130ft.) that grow well in a vaireity of soilds including loams and clays.  Used for windbreaks, reforestation, and landscaping.  Develops large sweeping branshes with sharp, dark green nedles.  Moderately shade tolerant, well suited to our climate.
  • White Pine Seedlings

    (Pinus strobus ) Fast growing tree (80-150 ft.) which grows well in a wide variety of soils. Used for timber and wildlife. Needles are soft, blue green, with 5 per bundle about 4 in length. Moderately shade tolerant, best form obtained under light shade.
  • Douglas Fir Seedlings

    Douglas Fir:  (Pseudotsuga menziesii)  Medium sized tree (up to 50ft) fast growing tree that prefers well drained soil and full sun.  Good for landscaping, wildlife, and Christmas trees.
  • Blue Spruce Seedlings

    (Picea pungens) Medium size tree (50-70ft) which grows well in a variety of soils and tolerates dry conditions.Needles are singular, very sharp, blue or green, approximately 1'' in length. Moderately shade tolerant. Used for windbreaks, wildlife habitat, Christmas trees, and landscaping.