• (Pinus strobus ) Fast growing tree (80-150 ft.) which grows well in a wide variety of soils. Used for timber and wildlife. Needles are soft, blue green, with 5 per bundle about 4 in length. Moderately shade tolerant, best form obtained under light shade.
  • 1 Gallon White Spruce Picea glauca Medium size (60-80 Ft) tree which prefers moist conditions, but will tolerate dry soils.  Used for windbreaks, wildlife habitat, and Christmas trees.  needles are singular, sharp, dark green.  Moderately shade tolerant.
  • Blue Spruce Transplants

    (Picea pungens) Medium size (50-70ft) which grows well in a variety of soils and tolerates dry conditions. Needles are singular, very sharp, blue or green, approximately 1'' in length. Moderately shade tolerant. Used for windbreaks, wildlife habitat, Christmas trees, and landscaping.
  • The Nova Spy Apple is an improved version of the beloved Northern Spy from Nova Scotia with large fruits with sweet-tart, vanilla-like flavor. These apples are outstanding for fresh eating, pies and cider. They have good resistance to fire blight and scab. Fruit production will begin in the third year. Typically matures in mid-October.