2021 Ionia County Conservation District Photo Contest

Congratulations to Our 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Water in Ionia County

1st Place: Alicia Kimble                        2nd Place: Shirley Jo Austin                     3rd Place: Dakota McCall


Pets Interacting with Nature

1st Place: Karen ONeill                                          2nd Place: Jackie Possehn


3rd Place: Evelyn David

Nature in Quarantine

1st Place: Alicia Kimble                                      2nd Place: Karen ONeill                  3rd Place: Shirley Jo Austin


Kids Outside

1st Place: Karen ONeill                             2nd Place: Kelsey Cardenas


Unexpected Trail Cam Visitors

1st Place: Alicia Kimble

2021 Photo Contest Rules

We are now accepting photos in each of the following five categories! You can submit up to five photos total; one per category. Please note that this is an amateur photo contest.

Please make sure you take the time to download and read the detailed rules of the competition and download our entry form. In both of these forms are more detailed information about the contest and how to properly submit your photos.

Photo Contest Categories

  • Nature in Quarantine- What did you see out your window during quarantine? Photo must have been taken in Michigan.
  • Unexpected Trail Cam Visitors- Send us your best non-deer trail cam pictures. Photo must have been taken in Ionia County.
  • Pets Interacting with Nature- How did you and your pet spend quarantine time outside? Please be creative with your picture. Photo must be taken in Ionia County.
  • Kids Outside- Did you spend time outside with your children during quarantine? Send us your best photo of children in nature. Photo must be taken in Michigan.
  • Water in Ionia County- Do you have a favorite photo that includes water? Creativity is encouraged to capture the natural beauty of water. Photo must be taken in Ionia County.

Photo Contest Rules and Forms

2021 Photo Contest_Fillable

2021 Photo Contest rules

Photos must be submitted by 4:30pm on March 5, 2021. All photos and required supporting documents must be submitted to melissa.eldridge@mi.nacdnet.net

If you have any questions please email melissa.eldridge@mi.nacdnet.net or call our office at (616) 527-2098 ext. 3077.