Online Tree Sales

Please read the following information before you place your order. If you have any questions, call at the phone number above or e-mail us!


Ionia Conservation District Seedling vs TransplantThe Ionia Conservation District does not guarantee survival; Liability ceases when stock is presented to the buyer. Supplies are limited and orders are taken on a first come, first serve basis. Michigan Department of Agriculture, Plant Industry Division-Certificate of Inspection #NC1006801. In accordance with Sec. 6 of Act 189, Public Act of 1931, nursery stock purchased from a Michigan Conservation District may not be resold with roots attached.

Seedlings are sold on first come, first served basis.  Quantities are limited so order early! Note that in the photo here, the sample on the left is a “seedling,” the sample on the right is a “transplant” size.

Orders can also be placed by mail or at the ICD office until March 29, 2021 (for Spring orders) and October 1 (for Fall orders). A confirmation of your order will be mailed after the order deadline. Only prepaid orders will be accepted.  Please make checks payable to the Ionia Conservation District and add 6% sales tax.


You will be notified of the pickup dates and locations with your order confirmation.
Post Cards will be sent about a week before pick up.

Spring Tree Pick up is scheduled at the Conservation District office.
April 23 & 24 2021

Notes about our seed products:

We can take special orders to meet your needs.  Please contact the office for more information.
When broadcasting by hand, it is recommended to use a carrier such as sand or vermiculite for even dispersal. The recommended ratio is 2 parts sand to 1 part seed mix. Lightly rake and pack covering the seeds to a maximum depth of 2-3 times their thickness. For more information on site preparation, watering, and weed control contact the Ionia Conservation District at 616-527-2098.