Forestry Assistance Program (FAP)

One of the services that we offer at the Ionia Conservation District is through the Forestry Assistance Program (FAP).

Our forester, Max Schrimpf, covers Montcalm, Kent and Ionia Counties. If you are interested in having Max come out and complete a site visit you can contact him at (989) 831-4212 ext. 112 or at


The Forestry Assistance Program encourages proper forestry management. You can request a free site visit from our district forester. Our district forester has the technical knowledge and resources to help you best manage your forest land.

Here’s a list of how the forester can help you on your land:

* Free on-site property evaluations

* Tree and wildlife shrub planting recommendations

* Timber management/administration options

* Wildlife habitat enhancement recommendations

* Wetland enhancement options

* Tree insect and disease identification

* Invasive plant control options

* Forest Stewardship Program

* Commercial Forest Act

* Qualified Forest Program Tax Reduction

* Quality Deer Management

* Hunting land leasing information

* Michigan Tree Farm Program

* Christmas tree management

*Forest, Wetlands and Habitat*A*Syst Program

* Available cost-share programs

Are you interested in a referral? Our district forester can help you get in touch with a qualified forestry professional for free!

Click the link to learn more about the referral process! Referral Process

Want to learn more about forestry? Our forester, Max, has a YouTube Channel where he posts informational videos about forestry. Check them out through the link below!